• Bridging gap between Retailers, Vendors & Designers

  • Single Source of Truth

  • Communicating in Real-Time

Key Offerings

Built for the Apparel Industry by the Apparel Industry, this cloud-based solution is built around your business and helps you achieve tangible business benefits.

For Brands/Retailers

  1. Get Access to thousands to curated designs every week.
  2. Dramatically reduce lead times from concept to shelf.
  3. Stay connected with a large pool of designers and vendors in collaborating in real time the product development.
For Brands/Retailers
For Designers

For Designers

  1. Showcase your designs to top brands.
  2. Ability to get connected to top brands/designers across the globe.
  3. Generate income by creating new designs and offering them to brands.

For Vendors

  1. Offer new collections to brands/retailers.
  2. Have a digital library of designs.
  3. Collaborate with designers across the globe on getting new ideas.
  4. Reduce the cost and effort of showcasing collections.
  5. Become preferred suppliers by providing quick designs/collections.
For Vendors


BlueKaktus apparel manufacturing software is best-of-its-kind Cloud based business software solution, benefits of which outdo those of traditional apparel ERP. BlueKaktus is the best software for apparel, home furnishings, accessories and leather industry, that improves operational performance and provides visible productivity gains.


Post designs, archives of cost/ attributes/ MOQ , dockets, spec-sheets & documents.

Dream Project

Manufactures can have their designs curated by experts.


Brands can block exclusive designs.


Brands can shortlist and create their own collections.


Allow for Real-time collaboration by multiple stake holders, like Mills, Vendors, Sourcing and Design.


Source for Quick fashion and lead times.