Implementation Consultant

Location: Delhi & Bangalore Experience: 0-4 years Key skill:

Who Are We

A cutting edge Technology company specializing in the fashion vertical. Fashion is in our DNA!! We live and breathe fashion; figuring out creative and unique ways in which we can benefit our customers! We work with some top fashion brands of India as well as overseas in optimizing their planning, sourcing and go-to market. We love artificial intelligence!! And feel that it can unleash enormous efficiencies in the fashion industry. We are headquartered in New Delhi with regional offices in Jaipur, Bengaluru and Dhaka.

What Are Our Plans

We feel that the technology space in the fashion vertical is currently vacant. Can you think of a name globally? We want to become the global leader in technology space for the fashion vertical. Any fashion company in the world when they think of a technology partner the first name that should come to their mind is RDPL! Over the next 2 years we plan to go globally in an aggressive manner and have presence in at least 10 countries that are known fashion hubs. From a product standpoint, we love AI and have embraced it! Our products reflect this and we feel we have a big edge over our competitors because we have been one of the earliest adopters of AI in this vertical. We have a crack team of AI specialists that focuses on creating unique and truly remarkable solutions.

What Do We Want

You have to love fashion! And love technology. You need to understand new age media. You have to love what you do!! This just cannot be another job! It has to be a passion and you have to live it!

What You Will Get

-Freedom to create ideas and discuss anything! -A fantastic and energetic environment! -Challenges – a lot of them!! -Learning – a lot of it!! -Opportunity to quickly become part of senior management of a cutting edge company -A lot of laughter!! A zest for life, a love for digital is non-negotiable!

What Is Our Promise

You will learn more in a year here, than a decade in any other place.

Implementation Consultant