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January 25 2021

How Is Costing Done In The Garment Industry

Cost related to quality or wastage reductions has a significant effect on overall profit for any industry.

January 29 2021

How Bluekaktus ERP Supports Change Management

Implementing a brand new business management system can expand your company's potential for growth and responsiveness to change.

February 10 2021

Why You Must Invest in a Good Quality Management System

A quality management system is focused on customer requirements and satisfaction through combine effort of whole organization.

February 16 2021

How AI and ML Will Impact the Garment Industry?

Garment manufacturing has traditionally been a labour-intensive industry with several complexities.

March 17 2021

Why Do You Need Digital Sourcing Solution for Your Textile Needs?

Within the BlueKaktus platform, you can chat with your team or suppliers to get a more effective interaction that will give you the desired results.

April 20 2021

When Does a Company Need an ERP?

For many growing businesses, it's not a matter of if they'll need enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, but when.

March 03 2021

How Fashion Companies can use their Data Effectively with BlueKaktus?

BlueKaktus helps in storing and creating correlations between different events. It eliminates manual processes and clerical work by organizing the data in the required format.

April 23 2021

Inventory Turnaround in Manufacturing - Making ERP Integration Work

With all plant functions fully integrated through an ERP software system, inventory turnaround is sped up and maximized for higher efficiencies.

March 24 2021

Technology Trends that are Reshaping the Fashion Industry

Customers continuously growing expectations of consistent manufacturing quality is changing every logic of the production process

March 11 2021

How the Inspection Process is conducted in the Garment Industry?

Inspections are especially important when manufacturing garments, as manual production processes often result in products that are more prone to human errors and mistakes.

February 22 2021

How to Implement Quick Reaction Time in Your Company?

The quick reaction has become one of the core aspects of competitiveness for contemporary companies.

December 23 2020

How Bluekaktus Helps in Reducing Quality Defects

Being a cutting-edge company, we have been an early mover in this space and BlueKaktus is one of the pioneers in helping fashion companies benefit from our quality control

December 16 2020

Future of Fashion Technology

We are persistently inspired and surprised at the constant development of technology leading the fashion industry to a more effective and creative tomorrow.

October 10 2020

Disruptions In Retail due to COVID-19 and How Retailers Can Brace for the Impact

As soon as the announcement of 21-day lockdown was announced to fight the dreaded COVID-19,this unprecedented crisis hit every aspect of our lives ...

October 10 2020

Digitization to Combat COVID-19

The importance of digitization in a pandemic cannot be exaggerated when we are repeatedly told to maintain social distance..