Online Inventory Management

BlueKaktus inventory management software solves the most important concern of the fashion industry, which is handling inventory to prevent overstock or understock. Our intelligent software helps in decision making, thereby allowing close to accurate Postpone Strategy and hence optimizing inventory.

Why Inventory Management Software?

· Integration of Entire Business You close a sale and creates a sales order. Inventory management software lets the rest of your company work with it as it makes its way from sales to fulfilment
· Automation of Manual Tasks Nobody desires to be sitting around doing old-fashioned data entry tasks or complicated manual calculations with every purchase order. It's most beneficial to leave it to software to automate these common tasks for you
· Analysis of top and bottom lines based on real-time data.

How BlueKaktus Inventory Management Software helps you?

Our  BlueKaktus’ Inventory management software has some unique features that make us special in our area:

·Precise stock management allows you to manage stock according to Location, Store, and Bin/Rack. Lot wise Stock tracking and management can also be done.

·Non-Inventory item movement tracking- Non-Inventory Item is a type of product that is purchased or sold but whose quantity is not tracked. This type of item is purchased for company use or custom product purchased for Projects.

·Regular Dead Stock report This report aids the replenishment manager in deciding whether the product should be discontinued, marked down, or removed from a location.

·Auto T&A activity closure based on real-time transactions

·Custom reports allow you to arrange items in your inventory that have not reached the sales levels you anticipated, for instance, by allowing discounts on them

·Stock valuation You have the freedom to pick the method of your choice for stock valuation, for instance, WA, Rate, FIFO, LIFO

·Barcode Scanning Barcoding module helps you eliminate conventional human error, which often occurs due to manual data entry

·Multi-location Support Manage multiple repositories and point-of-sale (POS). Single inventory management system for multiple locations.

·Inventory Optimization Maintain just the exact amount of inventory for each commodity, without over-or under-stocking any item. Excess Material Receiving alert based on pre-defined tolerance and return with an auto-debit note

·Stock handling Receiving of Material, Inspection, and auto allocation of material. Manage returns more efficiently by reducing time-to-return through automation of the entire process

·Purchase order records Easily distinguish which commodities are in demand, both permanently and seasonally, and prepare to meet your customers' needs ·Stock Notifications Receive alerts and announcements when there's over-or under-stocking beyond a defined threshold