Digitization to Combat COVID-19

Consider what all will happen as the current lockdown extends more than 21 days in the country. We are all beginning to use video-conferencing to conduct meetings. It is ironic that something that should have been done years ago to avoid hassle is now being done to prevent infectious virus like Covid-19. 

The fashion industry that we all are linked to, has also contributed a major share in adopting digitization and advanced technologies in apparel manufacturing and sourcing line. But have you thought that there is more room for improvement in the way we have utilized its potential? There are great benefits we can get from digitizing our entire operations and making use of the data by analyzing and further automating the processes for efficient results. 

Given the circumstances, this would be the right time for us to engage ourselves in adopting digital technologies to speed up delivery and avoid unfavourable situations in business at the time of Shutdowns. Let’s not forget that in the current Covid-19 crisis, doctors are putting themselves at huge risk. If we just stop to think where we would have been in this pandemic but for digital technology, we would recognize the importance of going digital. 

Let's convert the Covid-19 disruption into an agenda that brings us up to technological speed in various spheres of fashion industry with BlueKaktus!

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