Digital Sourcing Solution

The global market for Ready-to-wear apparel is valued at around $700 billion. Hundreds of thousands of brands, garment factories, design companies, and fashion stylists keep the industry highly enthusiastic and innovative. The disorganized, confusing, and cumbersome method for supply chain management calls for a collaborative platform that enables brands to interact with their supply chain more effectively. This is where BlueKaktus comes into the picture with its large textile database contributed by suppliers who value digital transformation as much as old-school productivity.

Here Are Reasons Why Bluekaktus Digital Textile Solution Is the Best for Your Business:

· Lead Time Compressor- For changing fashion and growing impulse buys, y a robust system is needed that can help respond faster and better. BlueKaktus apparel management software not only lessens your overall Lead time but also allows you to micromanage all orders through a single platform.

· Merchandiser Productivity Enhancer- Merchandising Department can be called the powerhouse of the Fashion Industry. With everything digitized, all processes automated, and more discipline in the system, BlueKaktus software for the textile industry ensures Merchandiser Productivity goes as high as 100%.

· Quality Enhancer- BlueKaktus fashion software is a mobile app created for hassle-free inspection and quality checks. With Quality Module in place, it would become easier for Quality personnel to plan and track every stage of Inspection and update defects in real-time.

· Inventory Manager- BlueKaktus software for fashion solves the most pressing concern of the fashion industry, which is managing inventory to limit overstock or understock. Our smart software assists in decision making, thereby enabling close to accurate Postpone Strategy and hence optimizing inventory.

What Makes Bluekaktus Stand Out?

BlueKaktus cloud-based fashion sourcing software is a technology solution from someone within the industry and hence we are intuitive to client's business requirements, which is something that separates us from the crowd of other textile ERP providers.

· Product Development- BlueKaktus fashion software assists in Timely Costing for quotations and quick response to RFQ through its Product Development Module. This module keeps a track of development history right from inquiry to order placement.BlueKaktus Product Development module for Fashion/ Apparel/ Home Textile/ Leather industry tracks and optimizes various developments by Item, category, brand, lot wise, quantity-wise, geography or merchant. It provides real-time analysis of the Product Development/ Supply Process.

· T&A- Time and Action module is the most effective system that enables Merchandisers and Management to track and regulate the activities.]Our Sourcing Software solution enables Buying Houses to adopt Management-through-Exception practices through Timely alerts, notifications, and Dashboards. Alerts at every stage of the supply chain help prevent situations from becoming out of control. Add mobile application for TNA here.

· Vendor Management- The greatest difficulty faced by Buying Houses/ Sourcing Companies is that of managing vendors due to their highly unorganized nature. BlueKaktus apparel management software system provides an easy search facility and easy to maintain a database of new/ existing suppliers. It creates a Vendor Report Card based on objective performance parameters, which aids in Vendor selection.

· Merchandizing BlueKaktus software for apparel/fashion can greatly help merchandisers as it makes it easier for the organization to track the Product Life cycle right from sampling to order delivery

·Creation of Costings/ Budgets
·Auto BOM creation
·Product Development tracking
·Post Shipment Costing and profitability analysis
·Dashboards and Analytics

· Quality- BlueKaktus fashion management software caters to Real-time Quality Assurance through its Quality Module. The most significant benefit of this garment software is Mobile App for hassle-free inspection and quality checks. Quality Controllers can select and approve slots updated by vendors and plan their visits accordingly. Also, the Quality Manager can keep track of all inspection activities being carried out on a real-time basis. BlueKaktus

Final Thoughts on BlueKaktus Sourcing Solutions

Digital textile innovations like blueKaktus make it easier for you to connect with both local and international suppliers. The online platform provides a central database that links clients to suppliers in a faster and more convenient way.