BlueKaktus wins premium usability title for apparel management software from platform for SaaS reviews

Posted on October 10 2020

As a modern ERP for the fashion industry, BlueKaktus aims to help manufacturers, retailers, and fashion brands to streamline the way they work. We’re happy to announce that after years of hard work, FinancesOnline, a premier platform for SaaS reviews, decided to honor us with their prestigious 2019 Premium Usability Award for apparel management software. This is a certification given for software solutions that go above and beyond when it comes to ease-of-use and comprehensiveness of features.

In their review of the BlueKaktus apparel management, FinancesOnline commended our product’s robust process automation tool, product development system, and quality enhancer feature because these can reduce operational costs by 5% as well as lessen the manual workload for staff members. They also took notice of its accounting tools and vendor management feature as these make it easier for users to streamline their apparel management tasks alongside financial management.

In addition to being given the Premium Usability Award for 2019, FinancesOnline has also certified us with the Rising Star Award for 2019. This title is given to SaaS products that have increasingly caught the attention and earned the trust of industry professionals. They also dubbed us as one of the most popular alternatives to some of the leading apparel management systems on the market.

If you’d like to read the full review, be sure to visit FinancesOnline. You can also leave a user review of your own if we’ve had the pleasure of doing business with you. We are more than happy to take your suggestions into consideration as we try to improve our apparel management solutions.