BlueKaktus announces its partnership with Uniq Solutions

Posted on October 10 2020

Royal Datamatics Pvt. Ltd. teams up with Uniq Solutions to help textile industry in Ludhiana and Surat to learn about our smart apparel solution and the benefits it offers.

This partnership is part of furthering BlueKaktus’ vision of enabling manufacturing firms, sourcing companies and brands across the globe to adopt technology in a hassle-free manner. Through Uniq Solutions, BlueKaktus aims to partner with local and regional apparel firms to help them understand and adopt technology and hence realize tangible benefits.

BlueKaktus is a smart solution for apparel management processes that provides a platform for textile firms to automate all operational processes and hence enables an entirely digitized value chain. BlueKaktus is an intelligent software solution for the apparel industry, benefits of which outdo those of a traditional ERP. It is designed by an excellent team comprising of technology experts as well as industry veterans.

CEO of BlueKaktus, Gunish Jain, said, “We are looking forward to our business partnership with Uniq Solutions. It has some great potential to widen our customer horizons in Ludhiana and Surat.”

BlueKaktus is flagship product of RDPL that is specifically designed to cater to the technological needs of apparel industry.