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April 09 2021

How BlueKaktus Helps Fashion Retailers Manage Inventory?

Technology is revolutionizing the industry. Inventory management once depended on manually filled spreadsheets, but now it is based on automated and robust software.

December 02 2020

TNA fashion

The time and action module is an essential tool for fashion companies to track the various operations required in the process of completing an order.

December 10 2020

Online Inventory Management

Bluekaktus inventory management software Reduce maintenance costs and other expenses with a powerful inventory management software.

January 04 2021

Digital Sourcing Solution

The global market for Ready-to-wear apparel is valued at around $700 billion.

January 21 2021

BlueKaktus PLM for Apparel Industry

PLM stands for Product Lifecycle Management. It is about managing the complete lifecycle of a product.

January 04 2021

Erp Software

Whether your business is large or small, there are numerous benefits your company could gain by using BlueKaktus Cloud Solutions.

January 08 2021

Speed to Market

Effective supply chain management includes searching the ideal balance between being able to sustain production levels and simultaneously keep inventory levels maintained.

January 25 2021

How Is Costing Done In The Garment Industry

Cost related to quality or wastage reductions has a significant effect on overall profit for any industry.

January 29 2021

How Bluekaktus ERP Supports Change Management

Implementing a brand new business management system can expand your company's potential for growth and responsiveness to change.

February 10 2021

Why You Must Invest in a Good Quality Management System

A quality management system is focused on customer requirements and satisfaction through combine effort of whole organization.

February 16 2021

How AI and ML Will Impact the Garment Industry?

Garment manufacturing has traditionally been a labour-intensive industry with several complexities.

March 17 2021

Why Do You Need Digital Sourcing Solution for Your Textile Needs?

Within the BlueKaktus platform, you can chat with your team or suppliers to get a more effective interaction that will give you the desired results.

April 20 2021

When Does a Company Need an ERP?

For many growing businesses, it's not a matter of if they'll need enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, but when.

March 03 2021

How Fashion Companies can use their Data Effectively with BlueKaktus?

BlueKaktus helps in storing and creating correlations between different events. It eliminates manual processes and clerical work by organizing the data in the required format.

April 23 2021

Inventory Turnaround in Manufacturing - Making ERP Integration Work

With all plant functions fully integrated through an ERP software system, inventory turnaround is sped up and maximized for higher efficiencies.