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November 24 2021

Build V/s Buy: The Quintessential Technology Conundrum

Looking for more concrete evidence to purchase a commercial solution that best fits your organization’s needs?

November 11 2021

Digitized Single Source of Truth for Fashion Companies

The objective of having a SSOT platform is to give users a 360-degree view of multi-stakeholder data, across all functions and external partners.

August 10 2021

Four market practices Garment Manufacturers Should Adopt

The textile and garment industries are constantly evolving, and technology is even faster.

July 20 2021


To understand why you need both systems, you must first understand the differences between ERP and PLM.

June 30 2021

How ERP Software Helps Fashion Industry to Manage and Grow

BlueKaktus industry ERP software provides agility and scalability to help your firm expand with required boosted outputs and income maximization.

June 21 2021

The Retailer's Guide to Clothing Inventory Management

Inventory management is critical for practically every business, but here are the top eight reasons why it is critical for your retail clothes business:

June 09 2021

How Technology Makes Fashion More Sustainable?

Cloud product lifecycle management technologies, for example, make fashion production and distribution more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

May 25 2021

5 Signs Your Existing Apparel ERP Needs To Be Upgraded

Since technology is constantly changing, it is important to update your ERP system as soon as possible for maximum performance.

May 21 2021

How to Save Time & Money with Apparel ERP Software

Garment manufacturing is a dynamic process that requires department-wide coordination in order to ensure the smooth operation of all business processes and activities.

May 15 2021

Things to Consider Before Implementing an ERP Software for Apparel Manufacturing Company

ERP Software for Garment Manufacturing Companies allows an organisation to manage all of its departments, automate business processes, and keep track of all of its transactions.

April 09 2021

How BlueKaktus Helps Fashion Retailers Manage Inventory?

Technology is revolutionizing the industry. Inventory management once depended on manually filled spreadsheets, but now it is based on automated and robust software.

December 02 2020

TNA fashion

The time and action module is an essential tool for fashion companies to track the various operations required in the process of completing an order.

December 10 2020

Online Inventory Management

Bluekaktus inventory management software Reduce maintenance costs and other expenses with a powerful inventory management software.

January 04 2021

Digital Sourcing Solution

The global market for Ready-to-wear apparel is valued at around $700 billion.

January 21 2021

BlueKaktus PLM for Apparel Industry

PLM stands for Product Lifecycle Management. It is about managing the complete lifecycle of a product.