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January 18 2022

Automate your Supply Chain to Maximize Performance

BlueKaktus is a cloud-based technology that specializes in gaining end-to-end supply chain visibility and control over operational activities throughout.

January 18 2022

End-to-End Supply Chain for Brands

BlueKaktus is disrupting fashion supply chain management by facilitating smarter decision-making and real-time data availability

January 18 2022

End-to-End Supply Chain for Manufacturers

BlueKaktus can help fashion companies manage end-to-end supply chain operations by offering different modules in a bundled offering or can be implemented separately.

January 11 2022

BlueKaktus TNA: A Critical Tool for Your Fashion Business

BlueKaktus helps fashion companies in digitising their platforms, keeping track of their activities and thus taking proactive decisions for increased efficiency.

January 11 2022

The Future of Quality Inspections in the era of Industry 4.0

BlueKaktus’ Zed-Q quality control application helps fashion companies in digitizing their quality processes with the help of an advanced mobile application.

December 20 2021

BlueKaktus TNA- For stitching the fashion supply chain & cutting lead time

BlueKaktus’ TNA benefits the fashion companies to monitor important milestones through timely alerts starting from PO to final shipment.

January 03 2022

Better Control Across Your Fashion Supply Chain

BlueKaktus is a data-driven, cloud-based platform that specialises in transforming supply chains and making fashion supply chains future-ready.

January 03 2022

Automate, Speed-Up & Control your on-site Quality processes with BlueKaktus Zed-Q Application

Quality should not be "inspected into" a garment after it has been made, instead quality should always be "manufactured into" a garment at every step and checked repeatedly during production.

December 29 2021

Top 5 Trends in the business of fashion for 2022

We are listing the top trends that will play a significant role in shaping the future of the fashion supply chain in 2022.

December 06 2021

Pioneering a Sustainable Sourcing Supply Chain with Virtual Audits

BlueKaktus is creating a world of limitless possibilities for fashion makers with enormous potential to promote sustainability with virtual audits.

November 30 2021

BlueKaktus Driving Sustainability in the Fashion Supply Chain

Shifting to cloud has a lot of benefits which unlocks benefits of sustainability as well. BlueKaktus can help you take that first step towards a sustainable fashion supply chain.

November 30 2021

Towards The Ultimate Digital Transformation: Buy It V/s Build It?

It is not easy to make the ‘build vs. buy’ decision for your company overnight. You need to weigh all the pros and cons before making a long-time commitment.

November 24 2021

Build V/s Buy: The Quintessential Technology Conundrum

Looking for more concrete evidence to purchase a commercial solution that best fits your organization’s needs?

November 11 2021

Digitized Single Source of Truth for Fashion Companies

The objective of having a SSOT platform is to give users a 360-degree view of multi-stakeholder data, across all functions and external partners.

August 10 2021

Four market practices Garment Manufacturers Should Adopt

The textile and garment industries are constantly evolving, and technology is even faster.